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Flowers for "Vincent"


In the story, Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordon's last wish was to have someone put flowers on Algernon's grave.  The story serves as a spring board for this series of work.  Originally, the series of work was for a friend that that died. To remember and memorialize my friend I took flowers to many of the places we went together, but as time passed I realized that more than one person in my life deserved the flowers that Charlie wanted for Algernon.  Death brings changes in the lives of the living.


Vincent van Gogh's life embodies the essence of everything this series is about - genius, passion, remembrance, love, futility, disease, creativity, promise unfulfilled, loss of life and   the fragility of sanity. Van Gogh became the symbolic figure of mourning for the series.




Materials: SLS nylon 3D prints,  flowers, flower petals, heat shrink tubing, fine silver, sterling silver, stainless steel


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