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Snowflake Mala: One of a Kind | One of the Whole


The “Snowflake Mala: One of the Whole/One of a Kind”  is neck wear that utilizes the “Noose” as a substrate for supporting and fabricating my work and my concept.  The “Noose” is a charged and controversial symbolic icon within our American visual lexicon and rightly so!   It has a disturbing and violent history, but when examined as an object it’s only a rope tied into an effective and even some would say elegant knot.   My investigation into the noose as a wearable object stems from the tragic hanging suicide of a dear friend.


The “Snowflake Mala: One of the Whole/One of a Kind” addresses issues, close to me and culture at large.  Our human need to express our individuality, but also fit into the collective is expressed through the snowflake and the ancient string of prayer beads called the sha sha, japa-mala or rosary.    A miracle of nature - every snowflake is not only beautiful, but different.  Ironically it takes billions and billions of beautiful one of kind snowflakes for us to appreciate and enjoy a snowfall.


How do you distinguish let alone value the beauty, individuality and ephemeral nature of every snowflake as they come together as a whole to blanket a road, a field, a rooftop or a city?




Materials: Zcorp water infiltrated Powder Stone, nylon rope, stainless steel, urathane

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